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Nature tours in São Miguel

Nature is São Miguel! Everywhere you go you will be surrounded by beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views.

Trails are very developed since a few years and Povoação region has the most beautiful ones in the island. We will have at your disposal maps, guides and good advice. Please consult the website for up-to-date information about the different trails.

Pico da Vara is the highest mountain of Sao Miguel ( 1103 meters) and original flora still survives with endemic species such as the Azores heather. Lagoa do Logo a crystalline crater lake that you must not miss! If the lakes is hidden by thick clouds just wait for a few minutes. You might be rewarded by the clouds being slowly driven off by the wind leaving a perfect view of the lake and its surroundings.

The lookouts (miradoiros) of São Miguel are mostly fantastic. Those of Nordeste, Ponta do Sossego, da Madrugada, with its exuberant vegetation are surrounded by beautiful gardens and equipped for barbeques whilst one enjoys the exceptional views. Vista do Rei near Sete Cidades is another unforgetebal miradoiro with aview on the 2 lakes formed by the eruption of 1450.

We also have a beautiful viewpoint in the Lomba do Cavaleiro, facing the seven slopes that surround our town of Povoação. The natural hot water pools are one of the most attractive features that São Miguel has to offer. They have different formats.

They are grandiose in the pool of the Terra Nostra Park, a lake of ferrous, brown water embedded in a luxuriant botanic garden. The newly renovated Poça da D. Beija, a pool of crystal clear water and ferrous mud. The old thermal baths the Caldeiras near Ribeira Grande have 200 years and need some renovation.

Everyone will find a suitable mineral water in Furnas, among them Gloria Patri. Do not hesitate to mix your own cocktail. But beware: some fountains are hot ! Cheers ! Everybody interested in volcanic activity will enjoy Furnas.

The Azores are not a “classical” beach destination for holidays. Nevertheless São Miguel offers many beaches of fine black sand, some of them very popular, others secluded as rare gems. Some are guarded by liveguards and the quality of the water is being monitored (rating: excellent). There are also natural basins at the sea. The best known beaches are: Agua de Pau, Pópulo, Santa Bárbara (fancied by surfers), Ribeira Quente with a hot fountain coming out in the sea, Praia dos Moinhos near Porto Formoso, Praia das Amoras (with a steep access), Ponta da Ferraria with a basin wherein a hot fountain mixes with seawater, the natural pools in Mosteiros. Come to see and you will be converted to a beachlover.

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